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Market Overview

From the East Coast to the West Coast, opportunities within the US tech hiring market are expanding. The USA remains full of opportunities for skilled technology professionals across the spectrum. Whether you’re a professional looking for exciting work, or an enterprise looking for the best and most relevant talent solutions, the market has it. The US is not experiencing a boom but opportunities remain because there are many differentiating factors in the market; entrepreneurial spirit, investment capital, and enterprises striving for competitive advantage through technology solutions.

There’s been constant change and developments in all technology-led industries, and it’s advancing at an unprecedented rate. Organizations with a flexible work structure, good company culture, transparent values, and innovative technologies are the ones who break from the pack.

One particularly interesting development is the approach needed to attract and retain the best talent. Wider choice exists for all, meaning companies must be serious, energetic, and genuine with their approach to hiring. Candidates have choices like never before, and the best employers recognize this. Technology leaders, both professional and enterprise, emerge by understanding and adapting to this new dynamic of a different world of work.

The size of the technology market remains strong and is continuing to innovate. Cloud Security, Data Analytics, and Engineering opportunities have seen high demand over the past year, and are three of the most in-demand skills. These digital technologies are continuing to develop and transform the landscape in all industry sectors.

Colin Etheridge

Colin Etheridge

Talent North America CEO

Candidate needs

  • Flexibility – remote & hybrid
  • Positive company culture
  • Transparent company values
  • Competitive compensation including equity at senior levels

Business needs

  • Candidates with business, commercial and technical ability
  • Remote/hybrid candidates who can travel & attend meetings
  • Candidates with specialist skills in Engineering, Data, Security, AI, Product/Digital
  • Microsoft & Salesforce specialists

The year ahead

Remote working remains a key difference from the ‘pre-pandemic’ world. Employers and employees alike have more options, greater flexibility, and choice. Whilst that adds certain challenges to everyone looking for a new role or new team members, it has had a hugely positive impact in the market.

Fundamentally, greater liquidity in the tech labor market leads to greater opportunity for all. Candidates have opportunities all over the country, and more, and are not limited to looking at companies in their local area or where they might relocate.

In turn that opens up a wider candidate pool for clients looking to recruit, grow and expand their workforce. Similarly, they are not restricted to candidates living within 50 miles or willing to move.

That adds significant dynamism to the market from both sides and is a characteristic particularly, maybe even uniquely, driving the tech recruitment sector across North America.

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South East

Talent Insights

Tech Talent

1.3m technology professionals with an average tenure of 1.8 years

(source: LinkedIn Talent Insights)

Gender Identity

% Female
% Male
*This information has been retrieved from sources with gender binary data. We acknowledge those who do not fit within this framework and understand there are more gender identities beyond the binary.
(source: LinkedIn Talent Insights)

Top Employers

  • US Army
  • AT&T
  • United States Air Force
  • US Navy
  • Lockheed Martin
(source: LinkedIn Talent Insights)

Top Skills

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Analytical Skills
  • Python

Living in

South East


Known as one of the more affordable regions in the USA, the Southeast is an often sought-after place to live - especially when compared to its costly neighbours on the East Coast. In fact, due to the surge in remote working as a result of the pandemic, many residents of East Coast cities are choosing to relocate to a more Southeasterly location. Working remotely has delivered a wider plethora of living opportunities for a huge volume of candidates, and many are taking advantage in order to achieve more affordable living costs.

Half of the 10 ‘Friendliest Cities’ are in the Southeast, so it’s safe to say the sense of community and diversity is a real asset to this region. Renowned for its food, culture and spectacular scenery, certain states offer an array of scenic opportunities. States such as Virginia, Maryland, North AND South Carolina give you the chance to enjoy an early morning hike in the mountains - and a relaxed beach visit in the afternoon. Variety and diversity has dramatically improved here, with tech opportunities not far behind. Atlanta in particular is booming with billion-dollar startups, with a huge influx of innovative tech entrepreneurs coming from the South’s many schools and universities.

South East
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