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Industry growth areas

Across the regions Talent operates in globally, the top industries employing tech talent include:

  • Information Technology & Services
  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Higher Education
  • Telecommunications
  • Government
  • Financial Services
  • Defence & Space

Source: Talent data & LinkedIn Talent Insights

Government demand (at Federal, State and Local levels) remains strong as multiple business and technology transformation programs continue into 2024.

Keith Dixon, Talent Brisbane Managing Director

We’ve seen strong hiring demand in defence. So many variations of roles and candidates need to be cleared, it’s been busy in that space.

Taliya Lukeman, Talent Adelaide Account Executive

There was strong hiring demand for candidates with technology skill sets in the Government sector in 2021, and we anticipate this will continue in 2022

Lauren Fyfe, Talent Canberra Senior Account Manager

It goes without saying, there is a huge demand across Australia and globally for technical talent, with companies across all industries needing to up their game in terms of digital offerings in the aftermath of the pandemic. I'm also seeing a lot of new companies and scale ups being born out of emerging technologies and industries, for example, crypto, the metaverse, AI technology, and cloud.

Kiri Evans, Sydney Talent Acquisition Consultant, on client site through Talent Solutions

In the marketing space we are seeing inflated salaries due to a candidate shortage caused by less talent coming into the country over the past few years. This particularly applies to Growth and Performance Marketers who are in high demand and are asking for increased salaries to reflect this.

Claire Wright, Talent Acquisition Consultant, on client site through Talent Solutions

Industry skills

Tech jobseekers within these high growth industries understand the importance of staying on top of emerging tech and keeping their skills up to date. In a 2023 Talent survey of over 500 tech candidates across 9 industries, 86% noted that they planned to upskill in 2023. Looking at a few of these industries, the top skillsets jobseekers planned to upskill in over the last year primarily centred around Cybersecurity, Data Analysis, AI, and Cloud Computing. The numbers below represent the percentage of tech professionals who cited that they were planning to upskill in each area:

Higher EducationCybersecurity (24%)
Software Development (24%)
Artificial Intelligence (19%)

Financial ServicesData Analysis (36%)
Cloud Computing (32%)
Artificial Intelligence (30%)

Government / Public SectorArtificial Intelligence (28%)
Data Analysis (24%)
Business Analysis (22%)

HealthCloud Computing (42%)
Cybersecurity (26%)
Business Analysis (26%)

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Key industry projects

What will industries be prioritising over the next 12 months? With smaller budgets and a slow in project spending, companies are being particular in where they invest their money, focusing on high-priority areas. Cloud migration, automation, and AI adoption will all be focus areas for 2024, however, one key project is set to dominate: cybersecurity.

Industry adoption of AI, machine learning and automation will continue to expand, but will only represent a small proportion of most companies’ IT budgets as they prioritise more urgent infrastructure, transformation and cybersecurity projects.

Headshot Simon Yeung - Melbourne General Manager

Simon Yeung,
Managing Director,
Talent Melbourne

The government wants Australia to be “a world leader” in cybersecurity by 2030. State government agencies will have to scale up to address (and get in front of) an increase in frequency and complexity of attacks, and as such cybersecurity will be an area to watch out for in 2024.

Headshot Matthew Munson - Sydney General Manager

Matthew Munson,
Managing Director,
Talent Sydney

An ANZ industry deep dive: Government

Government is one of the top employers of tech talent across Australia and New Zealand, however a shift is occurring within the hiring landscape of this industry. With increasing investment in defence, alongside government departments reducing contractor spend, Government is currently a dynamic industry to be navigating. Defence-cleared talent is in strong demand, particularly across Australia, and the defence sector is seeing growing investment in AI and automation, calling for appropriately skilled tech talent to lead these projects.

Defence-cleared personnel continue to be in high demand and will do so for the next decade. Hundreds of jobs are currently looking to be filled.

Anthony Whyte, Talent Adelaide Managing Director

However, sourcing top tech talent isn’t without its challenges. With Government across both Australia and NZ looking to make cost savings through contract workforce cuts, finding the right people for their teams is proving to be difficult.

We’ve seen pre-election promises of contractor and consultant cuts, but at the same time, our new government has election policies to deliver, and they will need the workforce to get that done.

Nik King-Turner, Talent Wellington Managing Director

Cybersecurity is also a significant focus area for Government over the next year, with many Government departments in search of security-cleared candidates to drive cybersecurity programs of work. In FY22, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) noted that it had received in excess of 76,000 cybercrime reports, with the majority of these incidents occurring across the Commonwealth government at 24%, state and local government at 10%, and health care at 9%, highlighting just how critical the need is for cybersecurity defences.

If you're seeking to hire top tech talent for your Government teams this year, we can help. For 25 years, Talent has recruited digital talent across public sector organisations worldwide. Get in touch to learn how we can help you.

Cybersecurity and Networks is a big focus. Security clearances are more in demand e.g. NV1, thus candidates need to be Australian citizens for secure government projects.

Simon Yeung, Talent Melbourne Managing Director

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