If you're a job-seeker

As a candidate, you are well and truly in the driver’s seat. With salaries on the rise, now is the time to be asking “am I being paid what I’m worth?”. There’s a global tech skills shortage, so if you possess the hottest skills in demand (think skills in data analysis through to cybersecurity) then the power’s in your hands.

Here’s what you can do while the balance tips in your favour:

Continue to upskill.

When international borders re-open, the scales may tip again as employers have greater access to global talent. Now is the time to get ahead. Continue to upskill, get a few micro-credentials under your belt, and consider what else you can bring to the table to maintain your value to employers. Talent Berlin Account Executive, Amber Carr shares her insights on the product design space and the importance of making your mark,

  • In order to stand out as a Product Designer in 2022 you should go beyond just creating eye-catching UX and UI and really start applying the importance of accessibility for your users…Think differently and inclusively.

Ask for a pay rise.

With counter-offers and salaries going through the roof, now is your chance to ask for a pay review in your current role. According to Talent’s Talent Acquisition Manager Chloe Spillane, doing your research can pay off

  • Research what your competitors are getting paid and present your data – I can’t emphasise this enough.

Consider your contributions and achievements, research the market, and put together a case based on facts, not emotions, to present to your manager. If they can’t offer you increases in pay, consider what else they may be able to offer in the way of benefits.

Dont burn your bridges.

If you decide to find a new role, it’s important to leave on a positive note. Talent's Talent Acquisition Manager Chloe Spillane advises to

  • Always give your current employer an opportunity to meet your changing needs before jumping ship. Then at least if you do leave, it will be a much more positive process.

Look at the big picture.

If you are looking for a new role, don’t jump at the first opportunity for a position with a higher salary. Really consider the culture of that company and the benefits they offer beyond the money first. When the hiring market cools down, will your salary be enough to keep you fulfilled?

In our 2021 Talent Contractor Wellbeing Report, 87% of contractors cited that feeling connected to their client’s purpose or mission was important to them, with this also being the main factor influencing their sense of fulfilment at work. Really consider what drives you and what provides you with this sense of purpose.

Think long term.

It’s also important to be respectful to hiring managers when applying for new positions. Kate Reynolds, Talent Perth Sales Team Lead, shares that in the Perth market

  • Some candidates have so many options that they are just not returning calls, showing up for interviews and are burning long term relationships.

Talent Perth Account Manager, Andrew Mackin-Brown shares a similar sentiment

  • Candidates have to be careful that they don’t damage their personal brand by ‘playing the game’ or not clearly communicating their situation to engaged agencies and clients.

Maintaining positive relationships in the market is key. You never know where your next opportunity could come from!

See what's on offer.

If you’re considering a change in roles, now’s the time to do your research and see what’s out there. Check out our website for hundreds of tech and digital opportunities suited to you.

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Are you being paid what you’re worth?

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If you're an employer

The market is on fire. With the global tech skills shortage and the “Great Resignation” we are seeing demand for top talent soar, meaning you need to put your best foot forward as a company if you want to attract and retain the best in tech.

Here’s what you can do to get ahead:

Act fast.

Your competitors are counter-offering fast. Make sure your recruitment process is as efficient and quick as can be to ensure you secure your top candidates before your competitors snatch them up. Talent’s Talent Acquisition Specialist Chloe Spillane’s words of advice?

  • In this extremely fast-moving market, consistent and effective communication is critical. Candidates need to know where they stand in the process – don’t leave them in the dark, or even worse, following you up, as they’ll just go somewhere else.

Think beyond the money.

You also need a unique EVP that will attract candidates to your company. What benefits beyond money can you offer that your competitors don’t? What is your competitive advantage? We already know that flex work is a non-negotiable, so how can you take this to the next level? According to Zoe Crouch, Talent Acquisition Partner currently working on a client site in Australia through Talent Solutions,

  • We need to think about how we can set ourselves apart from other businesses and why candidates are going to pick us. More than ever, our managers are having to sell hard on the culture and company values in order to secure top talent.

Don't forget about retention.

While attracting new talent is important to fill your skills gaps, it’s also important to keep your best people on board. According to Talent Perth Account Manager, Andrew Mackin-Brown

  • Counter offers, pay increases, WFH opportunities and additional employee benefits are being used as hooks in a bid to retain staff and remain relevant. Clients who focus solely on attaining staff rather than retaining staff are already behind the eight ball.

Stay competitive.

Your competitors are offering salaries at 20-30% above average. If you can’t match this, consider what else you can offer in terms of share plans and benefits.

Sell to the candidate.

The market is hotter than we’ve ever seen before, and with candidates holding all the power, you want to be doing what you can to make yourself their first choice. Chloe Spillane suggests that you

  • Ask candidates what is important to them. How can you bridge the gap on what they’re not getting where they currently are? Why are you their employer of choice and not the other 4-5 opportunities they have on the table?

Use a dedicated recruiter.

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