If you're a jobseeker

The hiring market continues to change. Here’s what you can do as a jobseeker to get ahead:

Keep your skills fresh.

As technology continues to evolve, it’s important to keep your skills up to date. Skilling up in key areas such as AI, cybersecurity, data analysis, cloud computing, and software development will hold you in good stead for the next 12 months.

Be flex on flex work.

The working landscape is shifting. Many employers, particularly across Australia and New Zealand, are increasingly seeking that team members spend the majority of their week in the office. So, if more remote work days aren’t on the table, see if you can come to a happy medium with prospective employers around flexibility – it could be presented in different ways to meet your needs e.g., compressed work weeks, amended start and end times, flexible hours, or time in lieu.

Tailor your resume.

Where employers were more open to hiring candidates who weren’t an exact match for a role during the candidate-short market of the past few years, they are now increasingly in search of candidates who meet more of their requirements. Consider tailoring your CV to the role you’re applying for and highlighting transferrable skills to demonstrate how good of a match you are for the position.

  • Companies are becoming fussier, with an expectation of an 80%-90% match to the job profile, whereas throughout the COVID period, candidates with a 60%-70% match were being hired.
    Matthew Munson, Talent Sydney Managing Director

Consider your salary expectations.

With companies becoming increasingly cost-conscious, salaries across a number of job families are stabilising and seeing decreases. As a result, you may need to adjust your salary expectations to align with the market and what employers are offering.

  • If organisations have two candidates that they can’t pick between, they will pick the best priced candidate.
    Nik King-Turner, Talent Wellington Managing Director

What's important to you?

If an employer can’t offer you the salary you’re after, consider what else they can bring to the table in terms of share schemes, flexibility, progression opportunities, and benefits.

  • With more candidates competing for jobs, the advice to candidates is to be flexible and think holistically around what matters most when considering an opportunity.
    Matthew Munson, Talent Sydney Managing Director

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If you're an employer

With the global tech skills shortage sticking around, demand for hard-to-find, highly skilled talent isn’t going anywhere (even in a shifting market). If you want to bring the best on board, here’s what you need to know:

Ensure flexibility is still on the table.

Top tech candidates are still seeking flexibility from their employers, so it’s important that this is on offer. If you want to bring the best in tech on board, meeting your people’s needs when it comes to flex work is key. Where you can’t offer remote work, what else can you bring to the table to ensure your people feel supported? Think – flexible start and end times, school drop off and pick up times, and compressed work weeks.

Offer opportunities for progression.

Jobseekers are seeking career progression and development – it matters most to almost half (48%) of tech professionals when looking for a job. Candidates are starting to ask about progression opportunities with prospective employers from the get-go, meaning if you want to attract the best, you need to be making these opportunities clear upfront.

Highlight the journey a candidate can have with your company and the development opportunities on offer, to help them see a future with you. Also, be willing to go for the 80% fit candidate who you can train and develop - you’ll be opening yourself up to a wider talent pool who will stick by you for the long haul.

  • Employers are being asked about [progression opportunities] more directly in interviews or through us.
    Taliya Lukeman, Talent Adelaide Account Executive

Prioritise your company culture.

Your company culture can make or break a candidate’s decision to work with you. According to a Talent survey, 76% of tech jobseekers cited that a positive company culture matters most to them when looking for a job. Building a strong and inclusive working environment is key to this - whether it’s delivering on perks that your people want, ensuring there’s transparent business communication, or making sure DEIB is prioritised, it all makes a difference to your people.

Uncover how business leaders across the globe are leading the way when it comes to company culture in our podcast series here.

Consider your ESG commitment.

Tech candidates are more conscious of their environmental and social impact than ever, so much so that it even influences their working life, seeing jobseekers looking to align with companies whose values in this space match their own. In fact, 59% of tech candidates have said that a company’s commitment to environmental sustainability influences their decision to accept a job offer. If you want to attract the best, CSR and ESG initiatives should be a priority for your company for the year ahead.

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