If you're a job-seeker

With uncertainty rife in the hiring market right now, here’s what you can do as a candidate to get ahead:

Continue to upskill.

With the economy starting to shift, it’s a great idea to upskill and get a few micro-credentials under your belt. This will help you put your best foot forward to employers. The main areas to focus your efforts? Cybersecurity, Data Analysis, Microsoft Azure and Python.

The right attitude is key.

Alongside technical skillsets, employers are also seeking candidates with the right attitude. A problem-solving mindset and adaptability are essential.

  • When it comes to hiring, tech professionals with a diverse range of skills and experience, as well as a track record of successfully working on complex projects, are in high demand. Companies are seeking out candidates who are proactive, adaptable, and able to bring fresh perspectives to problem-solving.
    Andrew Mackin Brown, Talent Perth Account Manager

To move or not to move?

With a potential recession on the horizon, employers are starting to tighten their belts and really evaluate their teams and performance. If you’re eager to take that next step in your career but are tossing up about accepting a new role or staying with your current employer, it’s a good idea to weigh up your options internally first. Companies are cutting costs and searching for efficiencies, meaning the pressure to deliver and perform in a new role is higher than ever. 

Consider what’s important to you.

Looking beyond the paycheque, what will make you feel fulfilled at work? Is it an inclusive company culture, strong values-alignment, the opportunity to make a difference, a sense of purpose? When looking for a new role or deciding to make a switch, consider what will provide you with the most fulfillment.

When it comes to money…

If you’re hoping for a pay rise or are in the middle of negotiating your salary before accepting a new role, it’s important to lead with the facts and leave the emotions at the door. Gain an understanding of market rates and present a case built on the numbers to your employer. If an increased salary isn’t on the cards, consider what else your employer can bring to the table in the way of share schemes and benefits.

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If you're an employer

With the global tech skills shortage sticking around, demand for top talent isn’t going anywhere. With an influx of candidates in the market due to recent job losses, now is the time to secure the highly skilled professionals you need, to deliver your complex tech projects. Here’s what you should know:

Move quickly.

Just because the market is slowing down, it doesn’t mean you should take your eye off the ball. Make sure your recruitment process is as efficient as possible to ensure you’re not missing out on top talent:

  • Some organisations believe that as the market has calmed down, they can prolong their selection process to find the ideal candidate - however we are seeing lots of clients losing good candidates due to long and drawn out recruitment processes.
    Scarlett Cooke, Talent Sydney Account Manager

Your EVP matters.

Want to secure top tech candidates? You need to think beyond the money. Your unique EVP is what will set you apart from the competition and help you bring the best on board. Building a strong company culture and set of values (that your people live by) are surefire ways to have that competitive edge in the market.

  • With so much choice in the market, it is more important than ever before for organisations to have a compelling Employee Value Proposition that will help them attract and retain the best talent in the market.
    Keith Dixon, Talent Brisbane Managing Director
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Consider your wider impact.

Tech candidates are more conscious of their environmental and social responsibility than ever, and want an opportunity to make a positive impact through their work. If you want to attract the best, CSR and ESG initiatives need to be a key priority for your company. What do candidates expect? Alongside these strategies, transparency is key:

  • I expect complete, transparent reporting that celebrates successes, and clearly acknowledges failures and shortcomings.
    candidate survey response, Talent Sustainability: Awareness to Action Report

With 59% of candidates saying that a company’s commitment to environmental sustainability influences their decision to accept a job offer, going green should be one of your company’s top goals for 2023.

Retention is key.

Want to keep your top performers on board? It’s important that you provide your people with support, personal development opportunities, and a sense of purpose and belonging. While salary is important, there are factors beyond the paycheque that your people are seeking and will keep them by your side for the long haul. 

  • Our advice to businesses continues to be to do everything reasonably possible to retain your team members. Build that supportive culture and nurture those career aspirations.
    Kara Smith, Talent NZ Country Manager 

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