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About the podcast

Talent’s Better World of Work Podcast takes a closer look at leaders and organisations working towards creating a new and better world of work.  

Hosted by Ian Tyler, this podcast features leaders from impressive companies from all over the world as they delve into issues around leadership, modern work, diversity, new tech, sustainability and many more. 

Series 1 of our podcast, 'It's the Vibe', highlights different leaders sharing their insights across internal comms, innovation, retention, perks, employer brand and DEI. Series 2 of our podcast, 'Better World of Work' aka 'BWOW', expands on the original series to include episodes that will deliver insights, learnings and sometimes controversy as leaders discuss what creating a better world of work really means, how this can be achieved in different areas and what current practices need to be left behind. 

BWOW Podcast

It's The Vibe Podcast

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About our guests

We are joined by industry leaders from the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

As we step into the post-COVID landscape and assess the change that has taken place over the past three years, it is fair to say we are in a very different world.

In 2020, a decade of digital transformation was enabled in less than a year, along with this, huge shifts in work practices occurred and attitudes and stigmas around how we work changed forever. So many of these changes have pushed us towards practices and ways of thinking that are in theory better than they were, we are more flexible, we are more adaptive and we are more open to change, the next step is building structure around these ideologies and ensuring that as we move forward we create a better world of work.

When creating this podcast, I want to ensure that the leaders I speak with and I are discussing real-world ways we can create better ways of working in the many different areas the podcast covers.  We want the listener to learn about tangible ways these amazing leaders are embracing change so that they can use this information to put in place their own building blocks to create a better working world in their own domain.

Ian Tyler, Group Chief Strategy Officer, Talent

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About Talent

Talent is a global technology and digital recruitment specialist committed to creating a better world of work for all. From simple beginnings in 1995, Talent now connects thousands of tech and digital professionals annually with a diverse range of organisations.

Talent brings real value to people and organisations by building highly skilled and engaged teams, rethinking technology solutions and improving lives by creating a strong sense of belonging.