Ep. 3 4-Day Week

The 4-Day Week: Pioneering Change




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Andrew Barnes is an innovator, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Andrew revolutionised the fiduciary and legal industries in New Zealand when he spearheaded the world’s first 4-day work week at his company, Perpetual Guardian, in 2018. Internationally recognised as the architect of the 4-day week movement, the success of his initiative has featured across global headlines.

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Discover how the 4-day work week was born

As the accidental architect of the 4-day week, Andrew Barnes details how he unintentionally became the spearhead of this life-changing movement. A simple goal to boost company productivity snowballed into one of the biggest game changers in our modern working world, transforming lives and truly contributing to building a better world of work for all.
"We’re in a world where we want two things: we want cheaper and we want more. I don’t want cheaper or more, I want BETTER." - Andrew Barnes
Discover how this revolutionary movement came about - and why everyone’s talking about it. Ian Tyler and Andrew Barnes uncover the unparalleled benefits of working less hours, emphasising the importance of being open to this change if you want to attract and retain today’s top talent.

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It’s about giving people time to be the best they can be at work, and the best they can be at home.

Andrew Barnes

Key takeaways

Less hours doesn’t mean less output

It’s the opposite - research shows people are only productive for 3 hours a day. The 4-day week focuses on less hours without reducing productivity.

It’s not set in stone

The 4-day week is a concept, not a rule. Whether taking two afternoons off a week or compressing hours, you can tailor it to work for your business.

Be open to change

80% of employees say they’d like a 4-day week. If you want to attract and retain the best people, you need to be open to the movement.

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