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Podcast guest, Mark Serunjogi is the Employer Brand Manager for German-based e-commerce company, Zalando. Prior to this Mark worked in various roles, looking after employer brand, DE&I, paid social media, comms, content and events in both agency and in-house roles.

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Employer brand is hot.

Employer branding, recruitment marketing, talent brand, whatever you want to call it, it is evolving, and it's not waiting for anyone.

Different strokes for different folks

Consider your audience. What appeals to some people is not even on the radar for others.

So, how do you gain an understanding of what people want? Talk to your teams at every opportunity - from the classic water cooler conversations to regular surveys or focus groups. Having a variety of data sources and mediums can allow you to gain a broader understanding of your people, talk to them where they are comfortable to best gauge why they love about working for you, and what they would change. Do some research and talk to people outside of your network, you'd be surprised at the lessons learnt and shared. Don't have time? Give us a shout below and we can give you a leg up.

“Millennials are extremely value-driven people. But companies sometimes address us and approach us as if we're still kids that don't really know how this business thing is working, even though we're actually the ones that are making business work the majority of the time.” - Mark Segunjogi

Who's talking about you, and what are they saying?

It's more than colour and movement in the world of employer brand. If you're not walking the talk, it becomes obvious, very quickly. As much as we hate to admit it, people love to gossip. Social listening can help to gauge an understanding about your position in market, however, refining all touch points of your employer brand to ensure that it resonates throughout the employee life cycle can help to shape your responses.

There are many different channels that potential, current, and past employees can use to leave comments, which can positively or negatively impact the thoughts of other viewers. Prevention is better than cure (if there is such a cure) - create a strategy to identify and manage these channels.

Tune into the podcast to find out more about how you can create an employer brand that will blow your competition out of the water.

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Companies are as different and unique as people are.

Mark Serunjogi, Zalando

Key takeaways

Work is a relationship

Like any personal relationship, it’s a matter of give and take - what can organisations offer their people to ensure they bring their best to work?

Start with employee experience

You can only create compelling brand stories with an existing, positive employee experience to build from.

Make employer branding a priority

To get it right, you need to empower people to take ownership of your brand in the job market.

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