Market Overview

Auckland experienced a tumultuous 2023 both with significant weather events bringing the hiring market to a halt, as well as rising inflation, cost of living and an election on top that seemed to impact absolutely everything.

The aftermath of all the above flowed through to businesses who overall had a low level of confidence to invest throughout the year. Just like we saw post-COVID however, businesses can only halt projects, investments, initiatives for so long. In a world where cybersecurity is a top priority, investing in tech teams is a worthwhile long-term strategy.

The government and the recent election have really had an impact for businesses. Our expectation for 2024 is once organisations are clear on the government’s intentions for the year ahead and what that means for them, they will start to release investment again. This would be aligned with the government’s plan to bring inflation under control and to create a more deregulated environment overall. The new government, as part of their 100-day plan, are also making some shifts in terms of employment law. An example of this is that the 90-day probation period will be brought back for companies of all sizes, but will this make organisations less risk adverse? Time will tell.

New Zealand also experienced an immigration boom towards the end of 2023, with 245,600 migrant arrivals and a net migration gain of 128,900 in the year to October 2023 - the highest on record for an annual period, according to Stats NZ. This will be interesting as we enter 2024 given that visa restrictions were tightened, alongside our market seeing an increased supply of talent.

To round out what the market is currently experiencing, there continues to be conflict around flexible working arrangements and working from home. From a candidate’s point of view, unless a business can prove why it’s useful to be in an office the majority of the week, candidates continue to want a high amount of flexibility. Businesses want their team members back more days than not, citing productivity, easier management, and collaboration as reasons why. With the market leaning more in favour to the employers, this may work for a period of time, however with tech talent still in high demand, this might not be the best approach in the long run for retention.

Kara Smith

Kara Smith

Talent NZ Country Manager

Candidate needs

  • Security; whether that’s for perm or continuity of their extension. Security is a high priority.
  • If they have flexibility in their role, for that to continue. This is a perk people really do not want to give up if they have it established.
  • Exciting growth opportunities and staying abreast of growing technologies.
  • Making themselves “sticky” in a highly changeable employment market.

Business needs

  • Contractors who hit the ground running, add significant value and don’t take up a lot of time to manage them. Highly likely in permanent candidates too.
  • Wanting people to be in the office more and contribute to collaboration more.
  • Cost or ways of working efficiencies.

The year ahead

As we enter 2024 the market is feeling more optimistic than the last few months of 2023. It continues to be highly changeable given the recent government mandates and from that we will see it create pressure and more change in the hiring market.

There will be increased pressure on leaders to do more with less from their team members and from their C-Suite. They’ll need to hold together teams culturally whilst balancing return to office mandates and the need for flexibility.

Candidates are wanting stability, long contracts for those that are contractors and a feeling of safety within a business and on a project. With the recent tech layoffs taking top space in the front-page news, security in roles has been a big topic of discussion with candidates looking at making a move.

Cost of living and inflation increasing will continue well into 2024 and beyond. Candidates are seeking higher salaries to compensate for this, yet organisations are driving cost-conscious decisions. which will make for an interesting market.

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Talent Insights

Tech Talent

29k technology professionals with an average tenure of 1.7 years

(source: LinkedIn Talent Insights)

Gender Identity

% Female
% Male
*This information has been retrieved from sources with gender binary data. We acknowledge those who do not fit within this framework and understand there are more gender identities beyond the binary.
(source: LinkedIn Talent Insights)

Top Employers

  • Auckland Council
  • Spark New Zealand
  • Datacom
  • ASB Bank
  • Air New Zealand

(source: LinkedIn Talent Insights)

Top Skills

  • Technical Support
  • SQL
  • Cloud Computing
  • ITIL
  • Python

Living in



Auckland, the ‘City of Sails’, is known for both it’s beautiful scenery and for being a growing urban oasis.

Tāmaki Makaurau is home to the largest Polynesian population in the world and also houses large European and Asian communities.  With trade relations currently being developed with other regions such as India and South America, immigration has increased significantly from these destinations over the last several years – creating a very dynamic and diverse city. This diversity contributes to a plethora of talent as well as amazing food options.

Auckland's relaxed working environment lends itself to a good work-life balance, which attracts talent from around the globe. Whilst the cost of living is relatively high in this city, easy accessibility to social services and New Zealand's world ranking as the easiest place to do business, makes it an enticing city to reside in.

Auckland is also a land of opportunity, operating as a hub for many start-up and scale up businesses with big aspirations. New Zealand's 'number 8 wire' mentality, which represents the Kiwi problem-solving and can-do attitude, permeates throughout Auckland's culture and in all that its citizens set out to do.

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