It’s clear that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are far more than just on-trend buzzwords. By adjusting your hiring process to become more DEI-focused, you’ll help boost your company culture - and will be far more likely to attract the best people for your roles.

After all, 76% of employees and job seekers say a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. Unless you’re showcasing your dedication to DEI, you run the risk of being the offer your top candidate leaves behind…

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Taking action

Make sure you’re routinely reevaluating your job descriptions and ads

Could your language be more inclusive? Are you including too many requirements that aren’t 100% necessary?

Always diversify your interview panel

This will not only provide multiple perspectives for a much more well-rounded decision, but will also signal to candidates that your organisation cares about diversity - and welcomes team members from multiple backgrounds.

Shortlist with diversity in mind

Consciously include multiple people from minority demographics into your final selection.

Thoroughly consider how you can offer tailored support

Many employees will have different obligations, stretching beyond the standard 9-5. In today’s candidate-driven market, flexibility routinely comes out on top. Going the extra mile will help secure the best people for your roles, and showcases your ability to adapt to the needs of your team.

Are we walking the talk?

We understand that the DEI landscape is constantly evolving, and we’re passionate about improving our own policies and development here at Talent.

But we also recognise that there's still room for improvement. Are we there yet? No. Are there still changes we need to make? Absolutely.

We don’t shy away from that - we understand we’re still on our DEI path, and we’re working hard to make sure we’re truly walking the talk. This Hiring Toolkit was created via our own learnings as a global recruiter, with the aim of delivering an introduction to providing a more inclusive hiring experience for candidates. We also wanted to offer a platform for people to share their experiences and stories, raising awareness of the issues minority groups face.

DEI is a journey we’re all on together, and we pledge to continue evolving our development within this space - and deliver utmost support to our teams.

What we're doing

Here are a few of our existing developments and policies we’ve implemented here at Talent so far. Because our ‘Lead the Way’, ‘Strive for Better’ and ‘Give a Damn’ values are empty without genuine foundations to build them.

Talent Anywhere

Our work-from-anywhere policy, allowing team members to work anywhere in the world for up to 4 weeks a year. Especially in the wake of Covid, travelling and visiting friends/family abroad has been very challenging for many of our global teams. This policy allows for travel and work to combine, delivering much-needed flexibility.

Parental Leave

In 2022 we updated our global parental leave policy to provide additional paid leave for primary care givers with additional leave on top if the care giver is a single parent. We also extended paid leave for secondary care givers. Outside of paid leave, Talent offices also make provisions to ensure the transition back to work is made easier with flexi-time and hybrid working models to support a healthy work-life balance.

DEI Training

Our global teams have access to regular DEI training and workshops to ensure that we continue on our journey of education and increased understanding.  

Talent Time Out

A policy specifically designed with wellbeing and growth in mind. Team members are able to take a dedicated day off each month to rest, recover and learn. Whether to simply recharge the batteries with some relaxed ‘me time’, or upskill with a brand-new online course, our staff can use their Time Out days as they see fit.

Regular training sessions

Our Learning and Development teams are in the process of providing DEI workshops and training sessions to our staff. Covering a range of poignant areas including microaggressions, allyship at work, unconscious bias and more, we aim to create an infrastructure of continuous learning and education within this space. We also hope this development will give our team members the knowledge they need to identify issues (if present) and report them accordingly - ensuring we are always held accountable.

Provide a hand-up for local talent

Talent RISE is a registered charity born out of the desire to facilitate real-world solutions to the barriers young people face with employment. If you recruit across Australia or New Zealand, Talent RISE can help connect you with a diverse community of young talent looking for a hand-up the career ladder. 

Providing a placement or work experience for young people through Talent RISE is not only a great way to introduce diversity within your organisation but it also helps you engage with the local community and boosts morale and engagement for existing team members. Find out more by hearing Jo-Ash’s story below:

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If you can provide a young person like Jo-Ash with work experience find out how Talent RISE can help by registering for an informal chat here.

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How Talent can help

Our DEI toolkit is a great place to start if you’re looking to implement some fundamental changes in your recruitment processes but if you are truly committed to making tangible changes in both the short and long term, Talent can help.

We are partnering with global organisations across multiple industries to help them unlock the power of increasing diversity within their digital teams. Truly impactful DEI recruitment strategies and policies need to be uniquely tailored to your organisation and company culture. Find out how Talent can help with a free informal chat with one of our local experts.

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