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About the series

It’s no secret that ping pong tables, a Friday margarita and your trusty pay cheque just doesn’t cut it anymore. The hiring market is on fire, there’s talk of the great resignation, so we find ourselves asking how can we be a cut above the rest? As we move into a post-pandemic world, creating a company culture that is thriving is increasingly important. In fact, it’s a must if you want to attract & retain the best talent. We created this podcast series to bring to life what leaders around the globe are doing to stay ahead, and to help any listener who wants to learn a few new tips to help them succeed.

The title, ‘It’s the Vibe’ comes from the Australian film, The Castle, where the main character scrambles to find a reference to present with his case in court: “It’s the vibe and ah, no that’s it. It’s the vibe. I rest my case.” It’s hard to put your finger on what makes a great company culture, it’s made up of a variety of different things that speak to your people, it's the vibe.

Join us as we take a no bulls#!t approach to talking about internal communications, retention and engagement, the importance of innovation, perks, DE&I, and employer brand.

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About our guests

We are joined by industry leaders from the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

Why does this matter?

Good culture has never been optional, but right here, right now, it's essential. When creating this podcast, I wanted to ensure that there were tangible takeaways and real-life examples on each of our topics, so you, the listener, could walk away with some golden nuggets to start moving the needle on your company culture.

It’s about having more sausage than sizzle, or as the cliche saying goes, walking the talk. Making sure that you’re embracing change and putting in place the building blocks that will set you up for future success. Once you begin taking action on the culture you want to create for your people, then you can start bragging about it. 

My advice is to give your people a bloody good listening too. Sure, it takes a bit of time and patience but knowing what your people need to succeed and want for the future will have a positive impact on every part of your business, all sizzling down to your bottom-line and the happiness of your teams. There is no I in team but there is certainly a U in culture.

Ian Tyler, Group Chief Strategy Officer, Talent

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About Talent

Talent is a global technology and digital recruitment specialist committed to creating a better world of work for all. From simple beginnings in 1995, Talent now connects thousands of tech and digital professionals annually with a diverse range of organisations.

Talent brings real value to people and organisations by building highly skilled and engaged teams, rethinking technology solutions and improving lives by creating a strong sense of belonging.


of entrepreneurs and 88% of job seekers think company culture is important. Company culture and values impact the bottom line.



of surveyed people in a Deloitte report felt that culture is a competitive advantage. Company culture and employee engagement work hand in hand. Good company culture improves people's productivity, behaviour, and engagement.



of employees would work harder if they received more recognition. Corporate culture statistics show that employees with a strong emotional commitment to the company perform better.


Join us digging into the nitty-gritty.

Stats aren't anything that exciting, or new. But they're handy for proving why this is important. Good news is that you probably already knew that, that's why you've found yourself here, looking for what else you could do to lift your game. We're here to do just that.