Here at Talent, our vision is to empower people to build a better world of work for all.

We know that in order for us to help others, we need to make sure we are walking the talk. Our values aren’t just words on a poster, we live and breathe them. So, here’s a few things we do for our team members globally.

Our Culture

Culture means a lot to us. We believe that at its very core, a strong culture means that you look forward to coming to work. We strive to make sure our team members feel supported, challenged (in all the right ways), and get to have some fun along the way. There are many pieces of the puzzle that make up a strong company culture - trust, support, opportunity, transparency and most importantly, inclusion. Being acknowledged for the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award four years running is testament to the culture we have created here.

Starting a new job is always daunting but starting at Talent was so easy! The culture is so collaborative and open-minded. If you need support with something, you can walk up to anyone’s desk and ask – and they are always happy to help!

Annie Jordan, P&C Coordinator
Talent Sydney

Our Teams

Lead the way. Strive for better. Give a damn. Our three core values that every team member from the top-down embraces. Even though we have offices across the globe, our philosophy of One Team makes for brilliant connections and collaboration. Whether you are in New York, Wellington, or Perth, you always know you can rely on your Talent team members globally. With monthly all-hands huddles, team and company conferences, we work together to make a difference.

From day one, my strengths, ideas and opinions have been utilised and I’m proud to say Talent has given me a voice that has already played a significant role in evolving our customer experience. Talent has blessed me with the opportunity to be inspired and learn from many of our leaders throughout Australia, New Zealand & the UK and I’m excited to continue my journey of personal and professional development.

Mayson Willoughby,
Customer Experience Manager,
Talent Perth

Personally, Talent Anywhere allowed me to reconnect with family and friends overseas which was long overdue. Professionally, I had the chance to connect with my UK teammates, learn more about them and find out how we can best collaborate. Awesome benefits like this show how Talent is committed to growth and wellbeing in ALL aspects of our life

Lauran Vohmann,
Digital Marketing Manager,
Talent Sydney

Our Benefits

Benefits are always important. We understand that not everyone wants afternoon drinks on a Friday by a pool table, so that’s why we consistently speak to our teams directly about what they feel they need to keep them happy, fulfilled and valued. Paid parental leave, dedicated days off to spend learning and resting, working from anywhere in the world, flexible work, and dedicated days where team members can give back to charities and communities are just some of the things we have implemented.

Our Learning & Development

Our P&C team support, encourage and guide us with some uber cool L&D initiatives each month. From ‘Lunch & Learns’, to offsite courses, to an internal mentoring program, they have us covered day-in and day-out.

When I first moved into a management role, my line manager at the time made sure I was going into it with the tools to succeed. I was given the opportunity to attend a two-day leadership course courtesy of Talent where I spent time understanding what it takes to lead a team. Fast forward to now and I feel without having that opportunity I may have felt less confident in my decisions.

Amanda Vitucci,
Head of Communications & Team Lead,
Talent Sydney

Our commitment to DEIB & ESG

We know that DEIB and ESG is constantly evolving so we don’t ever say we have “ticked that box”. We learn from the past and focus on the future - in the industry and in ourselves. We’re committed to enabling a work environment that is inclusive, where everyone can feel like they belong and thrive. From ethnicity, gender and sexuality to disability and neurodiversity. We are proud that 52% of our teams globally identify as female, we have LGBTIQ+ representation at all levels of leadership, and we are constantly pushing for gender balance in the tech industry with regular reports and events with our clients and candidates.

Our ESG strategy encompasses aspects for a sustainable future for the planet and the lives of the people we impact. We are proud to be a working partner of the Climate Leaders Coalition in Australia which supports the Paris Agreement commitments and sets public decarbonisation targets. Education is key with creating change, so we make sure our team members are informed about their personal impact.

Talent is an organisation that strives for continuous improvement by ensuring our people receive the requisite training and development. We do things with a big heart and the teams are encouraged to get behind our ESG initiatives. We are nimble in decision making and are not constrained by bureaucratic processes. We ensure the working environment is a fun place for people to come together.

Yaron Segal, Global Chief Financial Officer