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Mark Nielsen

Global Ceo - Talent

It is such a pleasure to welcome you to our first Leaders Building a Better World of Work list. At Talent, our vision is to “empower people build a better world of work for all”.

There are so many incredible leaders standing up for what they believe in, making positive change for the better, and empowering their teams to push boundaries. Our list gives an in-depth view of these leaders' challenges, actions, and achievements.  We hope that these stories can inspire others to embark on the same journey, and collectively, make a real difference.

‍The world of work has changed dramatically in the last five years. The responsibility and demands of leaders have also changed drastically. Team members are now searching for more than a paycheque and a one-size-fits-all approach to benefits and perks. They are seeking more work-life balance, clarity of purpose, a supportive manager and team, and inclusion. To remain competitive leaders and businesses need to adapt to this new norm.

‍DE&I and the components of ESG are under the microscope and now must be a focus for leaders if they want their businesses to remain relevant. Flexible work is now not a nice-to-have but an expectation. The way we thought about how best to do business has been turned on its head for the better, and if we’ve learnt anything from these leaders, it is this – trust your teams and the rest will follow.

Throughout this list you will read first-hand insights from successful leaders who have all navigated through the changing world of work. From dealing with a global pandemic which forced most businesses to adapt to change at a rapid pace, making hybrid work and flexibility the norm, championing DE&I and ESG, changing parental leave programs, and bringing all teams on the journey, every single leader has opened up and shared what they are doing in this new world of work.

The one consistent theme you will find whilst reading our leaders’ insights is that they all have a people-first approach when dealing with their teams both locally and globally. It is very apparent that without this, a more inclusive and engaged team culture, and thus a better world of work cannot be truly built.

I want to personally thank each of these inspiring leaders who have shared their predictions, challenges, and insights. They are truly building a better world of work for all.

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