Now equipped with the knowledge of what candidates want, it’s time to optimise your environmental sustainability plan to help you attract top digital talent while also doing right by the planet.

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With 59% of candidates stating that a company’s commitment to environmental sustainability influences their decision to accept a job offer, it’s not a business priority that can be left to the bottom of the list. Here’s everything you need to know to ensure you are delivering on what candidates want:

plant to save the planet


Make your commitment to environmental sustainability clear and bring your people along for the journey.

82% of candidates agree / strongly agree with the statement “businesses have an obligation to minimise their environmental impact” and 91% of companies concur that they have this obligation, yet 50% of candidates feel that companies are currently not doing enough in this space. On the other hand, 53% of companies feel like they are doing enough. It's important to listen to your people to ensure you are on the same page when it comes to expectations around environmental sustainability i.e. host an open discussion around sustainability plans where team members are given seat at the table to voice their thoughts, concerns and expectations. It's also important to ensure that your sustainability plans and efforts are clearly communicated. Transparent reporting on sustainability initiatives will ensure that candidates are aware of what you're putting into action now and into the future.


Embed environmental sustainability into your company culture.

For the 47% of companies that are either neutral or feel that they presently aren't doing enough in the way of environmental sustainability, it's a great idea to have open discussions with your people to gain an understanding of what they want to see from your organisation in this space. Establishing an ESG working group where members from different teams can come together to share their thoughts is a great way to embed environmental sustainability into your company culture and collectively make a tangible difference. Our survey findings also revealed that the key initiatives candidates hope to see from companies are recycling, paper-free and alternate renewable energy. Looking into these initiatives when embarking on your sustainability journey is a great starting point.


Ensure you implement transparent and consistent reporting on your environmental sustainability measures.

Candidates are tired of vague statements and limited action. Establish KPIs which you can consistently measure against, and make your sustainability reports publicly and easily available. According to a surveyed candidate, they “expect complete, transparent reporting that celebrates successes, and clearly acknowledges failures and shortcomings.” Ensure your commitment to environmental sustainability is also made clear through your Marketing activities. For example, setting up a dedicated page on your company website which highlights your ESG strategy and houses your sustainability reports; highlighting your company-wide commitment to the environment via your careers hub; and promoting your environmental initiatives via your social channels, are great ways to ensure your dedication to sustainability is front and centre for candidates.


Work with your people to overcome challenges.

The main challenge businesses say they face with creating a sustainable future is a lack of company-wide education around personal impact, whereas most candidates feel that the main challenge is a lack of funding for initiatives. To tackle these issues, it's a good idea to embed sustainability into the fabric of your company by bringing it into your company mission, investing in training and education for your people to make everyone aware of the collective impact that can be made, and dedicating budget to environmental sustainability initiatives that the company collectively agrees will have the most impact. Radek Sali, Chairman of Light Warrior, an investment firm that works with socially responsible businesses, advises to "Set some achievable [environmental sustainability] goals and get the team to join you in finding the solutions and making the changes. You’ll be surprised how passionate team members are about environmental sustainability and how much you can accomplish working together."


Learn from companies that are leading the way.

Take inspiration from other leading organisations' environmental sustainability plans and consult sustainability experts to ensure your sustainability strategy is based on best practice. You can uncover more insights from those walking the talk below.

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GM of Sustainability
Light Warrior
Partner, Energy, Climate & Sustainability
Deloitte Asia Pacific
Grok Ventures

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How Talent is walking the talk

At Talent, we’re just getting started on our sustainability journey. We recognise that we don’t have all the answers, but we’re making a concerted effort to build a sustainable future for our company, people and planet.

our initiatives

We are part of the Australian Climate Leaders Coalition, working with other companies to support the Paris Agreement commitments and set public decarbonisation targets.

We are building a global ESG strategy, considering our wider impact in the environmental, social, and governance spaces.

We have partnered with external sustainability organisations to run a carbon audit of our company and host environmental sustainability education sessions for our team members globally.

We are moving to an environmentally sustainable merchandise provider that is 100% carbon neutral.

We have an established recycling strategy, and are working to reduce our electricity and water usage.

We will be launching our Green Tech recruitment offering, working with candidates and clients that are passionate about sustainability to grow teams within this space.

Global CEO, Talent

There is no denying that the time for us as individuals and for businesses around the globe to take action on climate change was yesterday. We have a responsibility to show leadership and strive for better to leave our planet in a stronger shape for future generations. Hearing first-hand from candidates and businesses around what they hope and expect the future of work looks like in a sustainable world is key in understanding what we can put into action now. Here at Talent, we are on our own sustainability journey with education sessions for our team members, auditing our carbon footprint, as well as being a part of the Climate Leaders Coalition. We know we still have a long way to go but we recognise that we all have a part to play.

Global CPO, Talent

At Talent, our culture is built off a sense of purpose and belonging. We have a firm focus on our philanthropy efforts and our ESG strategy. We’re in no way perfect and we have plenty more work to do, but the actions we have taken so far and our committment is driving our culture.

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