So, if you’re a hiring manager looking to bring top contractors into your team, what can you do? Here are three key lessons you can take back to your business:


Build connection

87% of the contractors we surveyed felt that it was highly important or important to feel connected to their co-workers. Connection is a natural human need, but contractors are often left out of the social aspects of a company’s culture. Creating a sense of connection between your temp and permanent team members can have an enormous impact on the quality of the outcomes you’ll receive.


Instil purpose

Organisations that succeed in making their mission personal to their teams see performance that sets them apart. In our research, we found that a large number of contractors expect their clients to have a clear purpose or mission in order to feel fulfilled at work. In fact, 86% of the contractors we surveyed said it was important for them to feel connected to the company’s mission or purpose. Making sure your contractors know and understand the value of their contribution towards a bigger picture purpose can have a hugely valuable impact on their motivation and productivity.


Provide them the benefits that really matter to them

Over 50% of the contractors we surveyed said that benefits / perks were highly important or important to them. This is an interesting discovery, as contractors have historically missed out on the usual company-provided goodies. But before rolling out gym memberships to everyone on your payroll, take the time to find out what really matters to them – you might find it’s something that won’t panic your CFO. Our survey participants ranked flexible work hours & remote work the number one benefit an employer could offer them, taking over 75% of the vote. That’s 1,299 people! The next top answer was healthcare benefits, which received just 9.39% of votes. The shift to flexible work is here to stay, so accommodating contractors’ desire for flexibility is imperative for businesses who want to attract the very best.

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